A Magnum Opus Saga

Three Languages, Two Editions and Two Formats…

It's not a Creation, It's a Projection through Expression

A Re-launch of Upanishads by Rebooting Modern Science

An ultimate complete theory of our existence. The epic saga read by many legends of the world including Prof. Stephen Hawking and Dr. G. Madhavan Nair (Former ISRO Chairman). A story from the beginning of Multiverse to the Projection of Human race and from Salvation of Human race to the end of Multiverse’s circle of existence. The greatest try ever done in humanity to merge two poles of our seeking; science and spirituality. Read it in three languages (English, Hindi & Gujarati), Two Editions (First and second edition in English, other translations are of second edition of the English book) and two formats (Utltimate edition and Brief philosophical edition). Choose according to your convenience and get the final scientific answer to the most unanswered question on the planet, ‘Why we are here on this earth?’ 


यह सृजन नहीं यह है अभिव्यक्ति का प्रक्षेपण

Hindi Translation of It’s not a Creation, It’s a Projection through Expression – Second Edition

સૃષ્ટિનું સત્ય અને મનુષ્યની ઉત્પત્તિનું કારણ

Brief philosophical version of It’s not a Creation, It’s a Projection through Expression in Gujarati

The Play of Justice

Enter the Game, Come out Enlightened

From the Nyay-Darshan of ancient India, where the word ‘Justice’ was defined for the first time, humanity has walked a long way to arrive at a different meaning altogether. In the 1830s, the British destroyed two ancient systems of Indian civilization. One was the Gurukul education system in Sanskrit, and the second was the concept of Nyay from the Nyaydarshan. Nyay was the fundamental way of living for every learned Indian. It was expelled under a systemic conspiracy. And this novel restores the same idea of Nyay back in modern India.  

It is the story of Sunita Roy, an idealistic law student and only daughter of a top industrialist, who turns against the system when she sees the killing of her father in front of her eyes and fails to get justice in court. She uses all her excellence to expose the impotence of the judiciary system and ensures justice for all in a controversial way. When Sunita is about to reach her final success, an investigation of a brainy CBI officer, Akshara Mathur, turns the play to the other side. Now, the system traps her in her own play. And there comes Rohan, the love interest of Sunita, to rescue her. He rescues her, but the price she pays for it puts her in front of the self-realization of a lifetime.

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A Novel which restores the concept of Nyay from ancient India, destroyed by the British in 1830’s

Book Reviews

About all versions of “It’s not a Creation, It’s a Projection through Expression”

“Best work done in last 2000 years.”

“Kaushik has made wonderful attempt to summarize universe’s beginning, its present phase and the possible future. Perhaps, many details from Vedanta can be connected with modern science and derived better clarity especially in the subjects of big bang and primordial soup theory. But, no work has been done in India on this aspect since last 2000 years. Thankfully, Kaushik has initiated it with this book.”
Dr. G. Madhavan Nair
Former ISRO Chairman and Pioneer of India's First Moon Mission

‘Why we are here on this planet?’ – Finally, this is the end of this panic question.

"‘Why we are here on this planet?’ – Finally, this is the end of this panic question with this book. Every intellectual must read this book, if he or she is intellectual enough."
PadmSri Devendra Patel
Renowned author and journalist

'Ahead to Stephen Hawking’s explanations of universe.'

“This seven-dimensional journey of seven dimensions brings us to the salvation by uncovering all secrets of god and human. This modern edition of Upanishads takes us ahead to Stephen Hawking’s explanations of universe.”
Bhaven Kachhi
Renowned journalist and columnist
'A Scientist calls it a philosophy book and a general reader calls it an astrophysics book – such unification it contains.'​
K.R. Chaudhary
Renowned science writer
“A twenty seven years old Gujarati boy born in a small town writes such an extensive and depthful book in English, this is a pleasurable surprise. Kaushik has done a huge thing.”
Padmsri Gunawant shah
An award winning novelist and columnist
“Amazing! Miraculous! Authentic! Uncommon! Great! I have no words to praise this book. It is the final truth of existence. Very soon this book will take on fame as the most practical and scientific spiritual book.”
Yogesh Patel
Joint Secretary, Gujarat Government
“It is a beautiful attempt to join science and spirituality as one. I congratulate Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary to write such a book.”
Ashu Patel
Famous Novelist and columnist
“When we talk about philosophers, our sight falls on USA and Europe. In fact, India has many great philosophers whom we must acknowledge. Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary is one of them. What is conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind? – such a clear and scientific information about this issue I have not seen in any other book.”
masung chaudhary
Author and journalist

'Written with divine intervention.'

“I feel this book is not written by somebody. I think somebody is made to write this book according to a divine wish. I won’t say, ‘I have read the book.’ I will say, ‘I have enjoyed it with a dedication, eagerness and gratefulness of a student.”
Dr. Manisha Manish
Author of science novel ‘Sat-Asat’

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Book Trailer (English book)

It's not a Creation, It's a Projection through Expression

Book Trailer (Gujarati Version)

સૃષ્ટિનું સત્ય અને મનુષ્યની ઉત્પત્તિનું કારણ

Book Trailer (Hindi book)

यह सृजन नहीं यह है अभिव्यक्ति का प्रक्षेपण

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