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Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary

Available in three Languages: English, Hindi & Gujarati

What is Yoga? And Who is a Yogi?

Yoga means connection. But to what? With whom? All the matter in the universe that we can see and observe, all those 100 billion stars in each of the 100 billion galaxies, is just 5 % of total cosmic energy. Next 25 % of cosmic energy is grabbed in the black holes. We can’t see that part of matter.  That is called dark matter. And the rest of 70 % energy is unseen, dispersed in space-time some way. That is called dark energy in physics. 

Our physical bodies are formed from that 5 % observable matter. So, whatever our senses can detect in this existence is 5 % maximum. The memory we collect through these senses is called our conscious mind. It can expand up to the maximum limit of 5% only. Commonly, in an average human, only 1 to 2 % of conscious mind is active. The next 25 % of our mind is connected to the dark matter. That is called sub-conscious mind. We can’t observe it but it handles our body parts and body movements like breathing in lungs, beating of heart, peristaltic movement of intestines etc. The rest 70 % of our mind is connected to the invisible dark energy. That is called unconscious mind. This is the common mind of all the creatures. In fact, it is the common mind of entire existence. This is where a human is connected to the entire existence. This is where we all are connected to one another. 


Patanjali's Ashtang RajYoga

Dive in the World Of
Consciousness & Clarity


Guide to the true practical meanings of five moral disciplines in life. Satya (Truth), Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Asteya (Non-Stealing), Aparigraha (How to distribute than to gather - Non Greed) & Brahmacharya (Walking for the highest goal).


Guide to the true practical meaning of five holy practices in life. Shaucha (Outer & Inner Cleanliness), Santosha (Contentment), Tapa (Discipline & Penance), Svadhyaya (Study of the enlightened text), Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender or Devotion to the cosmic energy).


Guide for how to sit in Pranayama and Meditation. What is the inner science behind it?


Guide to what is Pranayama and How to do it.


How to practice non-attachment and diversion of senses from materialistic world to the inner spiritual world


How to practice Concentration


Various ways of Meditation & which one is included in Patanjali's Ashtang Yoga


Non-Duality with the existence. The Goal.

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What Sadhaks​​ Say about Diksha Program

As our minds are highly conditioned by our social, educational and cultural inputs, what we see as truth is a partial truth. Reading spritual books, its analysis and devoting god didn't bring that self integration as fast as ASHTANG YOGA did for me. By practicing this yoga, my perspective towards life has been changed within a year. Its has nothing to do with becoming better or happier. It's a complete eradication of everything that we imagined to be true. Having Kaushik sir is a once in a many life time moment for me.
Pavan Prajapati
For me Ashtang yoga is a very practical experience of inner awakening. I felt the vibration and subtle side of my body. Thank you sir for this gift.
Mayur Patel
I had participated three meditation and Yoga diksha programs before attending Kaushik sir's Ashtang Yoga Program. But with exception of one of them, this Ashtang Yoga Diksha was enlightening in too many things. Together with immense knowledge, I also felt heart filled oneness with the supreme energy.
Rohit Dobariya
I am feeling a higher light and divinity by practicing this Yoga. My body and mind have started to be remain much healthier than before. I recommend this Ashtang Yoga to everyone.
Jyantibhai Patel
Retired School Principal

The Available Formats

Rs. 1000/- Per Person

*The fee is being taken to avoid a debt between a Yoga Guru and a Sadhak. It is a necessary one time Guru Dakshina in Yoga Diksha tradition. 

3 Days Program

Morning 5:30 to 8:30 for Three Days


Evening 6:30 to 9:30 for Three Days

One Day Program

08:00 to 12:00 Morning


13:00 to 17:00 Afternoon

(2 Sessions)



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